A little bit about me

Always loving unique pieces that have deeper meanings or help you connect with a memory is why jewellery has always been something that I have gravitated towards. Initially to purchase so I could hint at my own identity and then afterwards wanting to learn some of the skills so I could craft my own.

Ultimately self-taught with a few silver smith courses to set me on the right path, it is through creative mistakes that I continue to evolve.

Based in Dubbo NSW, I make each piece entirely by hand in my studio. When I say studio, it is a piece of our shed I moved lawnmowers out of.

I love experimenting with different materials to create personal and unique timeless pieces. The simplicity of some of my pieces is their strength.

I want my pieces to tell a story, to recreate feelings and memories that were fleeting but special. When people tell me they have drawn strength and motivation from my pieces I am overwhelmed and truly blessed to have played a very small part in making that happen.

I continue to experiment and draw inspiration from the everyday in the hope that my pieces will continue to be current, timeless and truly unique.

Whether worn to add pop and colour or as a symbol that only you know the true meaning of, I hope that my creations continue to be joyful, empowering and bring people together.

I am honoured and inspired when asked to play a very small roll in helping create a memory. Being a part of celebrating large and simple moments through unique handmade pieces is truly a privilege.

I would love the opportunity to help you create that unique handmade and inspirational piece that is perfect for your specific occasion.